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susan spinney(non-registered)
I can see myself looking up through the branches with that glorious crown of gold above. It is spiritual.
susan spinney(non-registered)
the photography takes me back to so many places, both in reality and in fantasy. It is a form of travel for me. brightens my soul and day.
Jo Mayeroff(non-registered)
What an extraordinary talent you are, dear cousin! Thank you for sharing your magnificent journey. I was momentarily transcended by the colors and textures of vista and the natural gifts you captured so brilliantly.
Betty Phillips(non-registered)
Beautiful! I fell in love with the green lizard on the red leaf!
Caterina Bouras(non-registered)
Diane, my father Tony Castro sent me the link to your site. You are amazingly talented and the colors are brilliant. Best of luck to you!

Leslie Davis(non-registered)
What a treat to view your pictures. You are able to convey both beauty and feeling in them. Good eye!!
Judith Godfrey Labadie(non-registered)
Beautiful - colors are glorious! Thank you.
Ted Salamone(non-registered)
Good luck Diane! I enjoyed perusing your images.
Dale and Norman Finkelstein(non-registered)
Thanks soo much for sharing these masterpieces with us!! BRAVO on your professional website!!!
Judy Lieberman(non-registered)
Absolutely amazing! One is more spectacular than the next. Thank you so much for sharing. xo
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